De Volksbank has decided to recover thousands of customers who have forwarded it to collection agencies. It involves a total of 10,000 customers. The parent companies of ASN and SNS Bank indicated earlier that they no longer send customers to collection agencies. De Volksbank first retrieved 5000 customers who had sent it to Vesting Finance, a debt collection agency that specializes in preventing and reducing payment arrears. Then it is the turn of the other customers.

Why are customers being recalled?

But why does de Volksbank actually reclaim its customers who have previously sent it to collection agencies? As with other banks, previously customers with a payment arrears on loans that are unsecured were forwarded to a collection agency.

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An unsecured loan, for example, is a personal loan or a repayment-free mortgage that can not be repaid because a residual debt has arisen after the sale of a house. However, all customers with a payment problem are now kept on board. The main reason for this is the prevention of extra debts with customers. Because the collection costs bring customers even more into trouble, so that a loan can no longer be paid off.


Of course, this decision costs the bank money. For example, a lot of contracts have to be undone. That says Bastiaan de Ruiter, director Special Management. De Volksbank has the Dutch State as shareholder. With this measure they take into account the interests of the Dutch State but also those of the customers, employees and society.

Customer interest comes first

In the end, De Volksbank hopes that thanks to this method, the bank will also benefit financially. But if that is not the case and the bank continues to incur extra costs, they are still planning to maintain the new working method. Because customer interest is paramount. De Ruiter says that dissolving all existing contracts at the collection agencies costs a lot of money. But, he says: “it is not about tens of millions of euros”.

People with problematic disadvantages get a contact person

From now on, people with serious payment arrears ( read: Lower payment problems for the Dutch ) will be assigned their own contact at De Volksbank. This has the advantage that they do not have to tell their story to a new person every time. Incidentally, contacts also have a lot more responsibilities.